Autism was easy!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dee and our son is Joshua. Joshua is now 11 years of age and soon to be 12 this coming February. Our story/ journey/ adventure/ road, or whatever one may call it is long with  many twist and turns. Our story starts at Joshua’s birth in the state of Michigan. There is no ending chapter, an open canon, with a new chapter being added with each coming of daybreak.


Dale, my husband, and I started out as those first time parents excited with dreams for our future baby that almost wasn’t. God gave us a miracle ,( we call it divine intervention), the blessings of a new life and as time would soon come to pass we would learn what a real blessing is. We would learn sacrifice that few others could never comprehend. God would show us the true form of love as it is written in 1 Corinthians Ch 13.


My title is Autism was easy and some of you may ask if I am serious and “YES” I am. What we would be hit with besides severe infantile autism is something no one saw coming.


Stay tuned!


My first entry!


So this is my first attempt at writing a blog. I am not computer savy and if those of you who have a interest in reading my blog will be patient with me I am sure in no time at all this blog will look a little more colorful.

I am hoping to share our lives with you. Our life includes our son Joshua. Joshua has Autism, Mood Disorder NOS, ADD/ADHD and several medical DX. My hope is to provide some of our experiences with medications, ABA therapy, IEP’s, and some  sensory intergration with others out there who maybe facing these things now.

I will share our journey with you, how we went from joy of knowing we were having a son, to mourning, acceptance, then work; seeing a different future for Joshua.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is our foundation and Christ is our rock.

Yes there is much to share and even more for me to learn in this new world of blogging.

Stay tuned!